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Aaaannnd midterms are almost done! :D (along with hobby-related things)

The end is in sight. Now I can concentrate on the Poly Sci things I've let pile up and my upcoming Philosophy midterm in like, two weeks. Oh joy.

School wise, everything is pretty good. My schedule is great, my classes are great (okay, there are times when Earth Science isn't THAT great). So everything is fine and dandy...

Okay, my Poly Sci discussion group online was kind of my low point.
So I'm basically taking US Politics online, and we have to do a discussion online on the course website.
I took the time and effort to post ON TIME on Sunday night so that everyone could see my discussion question (which was about PRENDA, if you were wondering). The responses are supposed to come in throughout the week, with an initial response in the first half of the week, and an additional reply on the second week.

Way for my discussion group to wait until Friday to get things done. I still had responses coming in on the Monday of the next week from this one girl. T_T

Let me just say this: say I WASN'T checking the course website religiously. I would TOTALLY HATE TO BE PENALIZED FOR YOUR LACK OF INITIATIVE TO POST EARLIER IN THE WEEK. Thankfully, I DID check the course website religiously, since I wanted the full marks, but I guess some people aren't so motivated...


Okay, had to get that out of my system. That is what LJ is for, after all.

In other news...

I started listening to a lot of Korean music lately. Like, A LOT a lot.
Most often, I've been listening to Clazziquai project, which is amazing and wonderful, and I really want to sing Romeo and Juliet, but I suck at harmony and yeah ^_^;;
Also Mighty Mouth. Bad Boy is so catchy, it's a crime. LOL Their rapping is pretty impressive as well.

I've also started to appreciate JeA from Brown Eyed Girls a lot more than I used to, since realizing that she can sing anything and make it sound great. She's one of the few people I think that could sing the phone book and it would sound GREAT. YES.

Well, that was fairly stream-of-consciousness. Let's do that again sometime in the near future! :D

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