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The moment I heard about this, the moment I knew I had to address it.

Okay, Hankyuu. I've been pissed at you before, and I'm gonna be pissed at you again.
I know I've almost fallen out of the loop with all things Takarazuka since I entered university (which I regret), but there is something I just have to say:


Seriously, what is UP with this "demi-top star" thing you've got going on in Moon Troupe? Like, REALLY?
I know Masaki comes out on top with this arrangement (which I agree with), but what is with Mirio? I know they're both popular, but I don't like this wishy-washiness going on here ONE BIT.

Sheesh. It's like Tsukigumi always gets the weird arrangements.
First there was no top musumeyaku. Then they freaking TRIPLE CASTED Rudolph in Elisabeth '09. Really, Hankyuu? REALLY?

But it's not ALL bad.
They're making Teru a top star! YAY~~~~!
Sure, there are people with more senority within Soragumi that could do it, but I LIKE TERU SO I DON'T CARE ^_^

Well, that was rather short and unfocused.
I'm kind of writing two blogs at the same time, so maybe that's why...
Tags: argh, asumi rio, ouki kaname, rant, ryuu masaki, soragumi, takarazuka, tsukigumi
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