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Reflections on 2011

What a wild, crazy year...
I graduated from high school, I started university, I turned18 this year...O_o

But in the world of politics? SO MUCH CRAZIER.
Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden, Gadhaffi...lots of bad people were wiped off the face of the earth.
Regimes were toppled in Egypt and Libya (as to whether their new government will be better remains to be seen.)
America kept getting crazier and crazier...from SOPA to the circus of the GOP.

And then there's Occupy, which has my respect. Looking forward to seeing what they'll be doing in the new year. :D

A wild, crazy year to be sure. Hopefully the world doesn't end just yet though. The NDP and the Liberals still need to pick new party leaders, AND THERE'S STILL THE GOP PRIMARY!!!! >:O

In short, looking forward to 2012.
My new years' resolution: to eat healthier, most likely. I snack far too much. Also, to learn Hangul and more Japanese. :D
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful memories and I look forward to your continued company in the new year! ^_^
Tags: politics, real life
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