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This is me talking about North Korea.

When I first heard the news of Kim Jong Il's death, it was through a breaking news update from my msnbc app.
I didn't even believe it at first. My first thought was that it had to be a faulty source, I found it so unbelievably surreal.

But it was true. After seeing the footage of the mourning in North Korea on RT, Al Jazeera, BBC and a whole bunch of other places, I realized that this was REALLY happening.

Most of the speculation regarding the transition has mostly focused on DPRK's nuclear program, but I'm MUCH more interested as to whether the human rights violations are going to stop or not. Not a whole lot is known about Kim Jong Un's approval of his father's policies and whether he will change the government or economic systems.

But what do I think of Kim Jong Un?
He's puppet leader material, for sure. No WAY is that military who runs the gulags and the work camps going to let such a n00b take over the world's fourth or fifth largest army, even if he IS descended from Kim Il Sung. Plus, he's pretty darned fat. Like, fat like a BEAR. I swear, he's probably going to have a heart attack when he gets older >_>

Now, onto Kim Jong Il.
A lot of foreign news organizations (as well as satirists) like to portray him as this weird, crazy short wacko, but a lot of foreign diplomats are saying that he's actually very well-briefed and intelligent. Plus, the literacy rate in North Korea is crazy high (this is also the case in countries such as Cuba and Libya).
His extravagant lifestyle in the face of widespread famine is completely and utterly shameful. Not to mention the gulags. UGH. But am I happy he's dead? I'm not too sure. Yes, he was a terrible person who mistreated his people, but I highly doubt his death will bring any changes to the political system of North Korea. The political elite are likely just as corrupt as he is - and I highly doubt that they'd be willing to change any of the distribution policies for the disadvantaged portions of society.
Not to mention closing the gulags. NO WAY are they doing that T_T

I'll be monitoring this situation really closely. Thank goodness I have the Guardian app; it does excellent stories.
I'm never relying on CNN every again >:D
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